Unpleasant or objectionable odours detract from our ability to enjoy our environs. Emanating from industrial activities, sewage treatment and pumping stations, most odorous emissions can be easily eliminated with activated carbon adsorbers.

Activated carbon effectively adsorbs organic vapours and in enhanced forms also provides efficiently removes odour associated with acidic gases and sulphur species.

Odour issues your operation needs to address?

STM can advise the correct activated carbon product to treat the odour effectively and with our local stocked range of Jacobi Activated carbon products we can deliver promptly to resolve the problem.

Sewage Odour

Jacobi AddSorb series activated carbon Specially treated activated carbon products enhance removal efficiency of hydrogen sulphide, sulphur dioxide, methyl mercaptan and amines.  These are often used in combination with

 Jacobi EcoSorb series activated carbon steam activated carbon products which remove organic vapours and act as a guard for the treated activated carbon.

STM can also assist with activated carbon adsorber systems from low flow breathers to high capacity adsorption systems designed for longevity, low maintenance and quiet operation.


Aarcon Odour Control Unit

Aarcon Odour Control Unit