Degassing and Gas Transfer with Liqui-cel 

Transfering gases to or from liquids. Corrosion control, extending product shelf life, preventing component degradation, pH correction or adding fizz, reasons for introducing or removing gases from liquids are manifold with numerous applications.

If you need to remove a dissolved gas, concisely control the addition of a gas, would like a small system footprint and avoid the use of chemicals contact us to find out how Liqui-cel® contact membranes can work for you.

Corrosion control is a common application where removal of dissolved CO2 and O2 from water helps protect piping and vessels from early failure. Traditional methods used to remove dissolved gases use chemical O2 scavengers or large forced draft deaerators.

Liqui-cel® contact membrane technology can remove dissolved CO2 down to 1ppm and O2 down to less than 1ppb without the use of chemicals and with a small compact footprint.

Liqui-cel® contact membranes are nonselective using partial pressure as the governing driver to transfer gases to or from a liquid. Therefore all dissolved gases can be removed simultaneously if desired.

Membrane contactors can also be used for liquid-liquid extraction, juice concentration/osmotic distillation, ammonia removal and alcohol reduction.

Liqui-cel® systems have a small footprint so they can be easily housed in most situations. Being modular in design they can be adapted, tailored to unique situations. We can assist with design and build for turnkey solutions.