Catalyst Products

FCC: From Quanta Technologies, STM offers the following products and services:

FCC Catalyst

  • RESHAPE™ - Same catalyst with Enhanced Performance. Enhance your current FCC Catalyst to improve delta coke, bottoms conversion and maximise permanent high diffusion system for maximum performance.  

FCC ECAT and upgraded ECAT using Quanta Technology

  • Quanta ECAT is tailored to your unit's requirements

  • QCAT upgraded ECAT using Quanta REVAMP™  technology 

FCC Catalyst Additives

  • ENLIGHTEN FCC Additive - Bottoms Conversion with cost effective low Z/M additives


Sulphur Recovery

MAXCEL Claus Catalyst 

Porocel’s comprehensive array of sulphur recovery catalysts are backed with comprehensive technical support and customer service that is second to none. Maxcel quality catalysts and expert services help keep your sulphur recovery operations running smoothly and efficiently – so the rest of your refinery can, too.

MAXCEL 727 - spherical activated alumina catalyst designed specifically for the Claus reaction. 

  • High surface area.

  • Mass transfer benefits provided by high macroporosity of 0.2cc/g.


MAXCEL 777- extruded Titania Claus Catalyst

  • High Quality Titania Claus Catalyst

  • High Conversion of COS and CS2 to H2S

  • Excellent Chemical & Physical properties providing long service life and the ability to withstand process upsets

  • Superior resistance to sulphation poisoning

  • Allows higher space velocities for the same sulphur conversion, which may result in smaller Claus SRU reactor volumes for new or retrofit units.

maxcel - COS conversion.jpg

Maxcel SD-A - The best choice for sub-dew point Claus processes


MAXCEL 740 -  spherical Oxygen protection catalyst
In sulphur recovery units with fired reheaters, oxygen ingress can cause significant Claus catalyst deactivation. This deactivation occurs due to sulphation, the formation of a stable aluminum sulphate layer on the Claus catalyst active sites. However, this deactivation can be mitigated by including a small guard layer of Maxcel 740 in the top of the catalyst bed.

Maxcel 740 is a true oxygen catalyst, not an oxygen scavenger
Maxcel 740 will not become “saturated” with oxygen. Instead, Maxcel 740 facilitates the reaction of trace oxygen with sulphur compounds present in the gas. By converting this oxygen before it comes into contact with the pure alumina catalyst below, the effects of catalyst deactivation by sulphation can be reduced. Maxcel 740 is typically installed in the second and third Claus converter when fired reheaters are present upstream.

Maxcel TGS Tail Gas Catalysts

Maxcel TGS-01: Conventional temperature applications

Maxcel TGS-01 is a spherical cobalt-molybdenum (CoMo) on activated alumina catalyst for use in conventional

tail gas treating units that contain a hydrogenation reactor (typical reactor inlet temperature of _260°C / 500°F). Maxcel TGS-01 provides the best balance of catalyst activity and pressure drop for conventional tail gas treating

units, offering about 30% less pressure drop than competitive catalysts while delivering comparable activity.


Maxcel TGS-02 Low temperature applications

Maxcel TGS-02 is a spherical cobalt-molybdenum (CoMo) on activated alumina catalyst used in low temperature tail gas treating units. Maxcel TGS-02 outperforms competitive low temperature tail gas catalysts without increasing pressure drop across the reactor.


Top Bed Grading

CatGuard® PMT products

A Top Bed Grading Package to Protect your Main Hydrotreating Catalyst Bed

Hydrotreating units are generally configured with a top bed grading package to protect the main catalytic bed from fouling as well as poisoning in order to improve its cycle length. A well designed

system of top bed grading will prevent such problems in order to maximize the unit performance. Porocel offers a complete line of top bed grading products together with technical support to ensure proper selection.

Medallions, Improved flow distribution

CatGuard® PMT-60
Hollow Cylinder, Particulate trap

CatGuard® PMT-20
Hollow Cylinder or Trilobe, Silicon and phosphorus trap

CatGuard® PMT-21
Trilobe, Silicon trap

CatGuard® PMT-40
Trilobe, Arsenic trap

HydroTreating Re-sale Catalyst 

An extensive inventory of high quality catalysts, grading materials and metal traps is available from Porocel. The inventory includes current generation CoMo and NiMo catalysts which are suitable for a wide range of hydroprocessing applications. 

All catalysts are thoroughly analyzed to ensure physical and chemical properties meet specifications for maximum performance and low start of cycle pressure drop.  

 We offer customized Full Reactor Load designs to meet your specific processing objectives and product quality targets using catalysts from our inventory, ranging from the top bed grading through the main bed.