Water - Activated Carbon 

Provision of clean water whether for drinking, process or for discharge to the environment after use  is becoming increasingly more difficult as the demand on our precious resource intensifies.


Activated carbon has long been used for the purification of water and Jacobi's products can provide a solution engineered to your requirements whether it be taste and odour removal (geosmin/ isoborneol), dechlorination , removal of emerging pollutants (pharmaceuticals or cyanotoxins) or reduction of COD and toxins.

Jacobi AquaSorb™ series powdered, granular or extruded products cover the range of applications while providing end users the security and protection of AWWA, EN12915 and NSF/ANSI 61 certification.  

Included within the AquaSorb™ range are catalytic coconut shell based activated carbon products designed for the efficient removal of chloramines and hydrogen sulphide from potable water and acid washed granular high purity and high activity activated carbon providing very low soluble ash, perfect for high purity water treatment applications.  

Food and beverage processing requires process water with qualities different to those of incoming treated municipal water. While the incoming water is suitable for drinking  it may still have components which could taint the flavour of beverages and food products or be aggressive to process equipment. Jacobi activated carbon products assist in dechlorination of water, removing taste and odour compounds and other VOC's from feed water. Kosher and Halal certified.