Ion Exchange Resins

Ion Exchange resins for water softening, demineralisation, deionisation, steam condensate polishing, heavy metal, boron and nitrate removal.

Jacobi Resinex™ Ion Exchange Resin
Utilisation of advanced processing techniques and proven manufacturing technology combine to create Resinex™ spherical ion exchange resins. Resinex™ resins exhibit properties of high capacity, excellent mechanical stability and reliable performance. 

Principal usages include industrial and commercial softening, decarbonisation, catalysis, decolourisation, demineralisation, drinking water treatment, purification of liquid sweeteners, removal of contaminants from electroplating effluent, waste water treatment and numerous additional applications.

Potable water treatment
Resinex’s potable water line of products are specially washed and are produced with the highest quality and cleanest raw materials. Resinex certifies their potable water products with several regulatory bodies including WQA, NSF61, WHO, French Ministry and the FDA providing peace of mind for customers.

Applications include the removal of Nitrate, Perchlorate, Uranium, Radium, Arsenic, Heavy metals, and Organics

The process of removing virtually all dissolved solids (TDS) from water and producing essentially pure water. Demineralisation unit must include both cation and anion exchange processes.

UItra Pure water treatment
The use of resins guarantees parameters like Resistivity (>18 MOhm/cm), a low TOC leakage (< 5 ppb), On-line Particles (>0.05 µm), Silica (max. 0.5 µg) of the treated water which is needed to the final product production process where less impurities offer a higher product quality and a more desirable economic process.

Process Water treatment
Resinex Ion exchange resins are used to treat process water to achieve a defined specification of the liquid (mainly water) for further production processes or to bring it back into the loop.

Waste Water treatment
Ion exchange resin is widely used in wastewater recycling and wastewater effluent applications. The removal of cations especially toxic, heavy metal ions, assists with ensuring used water is environmentally safe for release to waterways or reuse.