Column Packing and Internals

VFF delivers a complete range of tower packings, inert media, column internals, plastic packings and droplet separators (demister) for all applications in mass and heat transfer – in all relevant materials (metal, ceramic and plastic) and sizes. All products are 100% made in Germany. Uncompromised quality, ongoing innovation and research are touchstones to VFF’s success.

Vereinigte Füllkörper-Fabriken GmbH & co. KG products are used around the world in the petrochemical and chemical industries, process engineering and in environmental technology and many other sectors and under a variety of conditions. With many years of application know-how at its disposal, VFF provides customer focused support, constantly working on optimisation of processes and the realisation of customer needs.

VFF-NetBall®, a high performance random packing made of plastic and VFF-Twin-Pak® (a VFF patent) are two recent examples of VFF innovation and know how. The Twin –Pak is a newly developed high performance random packing and combines an extremely low pressure drop with the best possible mass transfer and is characterized by highest capacity. The VFF-Twin-Pak® is already used successfully in different installations worldwide.

To further support products and customers VFF Random Packing Software (for the calculation of column hydraulics, HTU and NTU values, absorption and stripping) allows users to compare and optimise tower packings to improve process performance. The software is user friendly with external support ready at hand. 100 different compounds are listed with substitution substances available for calculations. Each program window is self-explanatory and the software includes a comprehensive self-help section. Contact STM to find out more. 

VFF Metal Packings