Micro & Ultrafiltration

Pall Water: Micro and Ultrafiltration membrane systems for water and waste water purification. Efficient long-lasting membrane construction. Adaptable system designs.  Containerised, skid mounted or fully customised.

The membrane advantage  

  • Hollow fiber construction with (MF 0.1 μm) (UF 0.02 μm) rated membrane for reduced turbidity, removal of particles, bacteria and colloidal silica.

  • PVDF membrane resistant to oxidizing agents.

  • Filtration from outside of fiber to the inside of fiber. 

    • Large surface area per module for excellent throughput, resulting in compact system design and exceptional tolerance for high contaminant levels.

    • Removal of foulants by unique and periodic air-scouring combined with permeate back flushing.

    • Minimum prefiltration required (e.g., 300 μm self-cleaning strainers for removal of tramp solids).

  • Low operating costs: 

    • High water recovery rates (typically up to 95% – 98%) minimize waste streams and cost per volume of water produced.

    • RO Pre-filtration: by providing higher quality pre-filtration for RO filtration, the RO system’s cleaning cycle is greatly extended. This results in reduced downtime and chemical consumption and disposal costs.

Aria Fast

Containerised plug and play UF or MF plants ready to go.   

Get up and running FAST

Pall Water ARIA FAST containerised MF and UF systems deliver 10 - 320 m3/hour water.

Removal of particulates and bacteria > 0.1µ   to non-detectable limits. Removal of oxidised iron, manganese and arsenic.

  • Preplanned shutdowns

  • Emergency rapid response

  • Fast permanent solutions

  • Modular 

  • Local or remote service assistance.

Aria Fit

Pall Water Skid mounted MF/UF pre-engineered and pre-tested systems are compact to fit into existing infrastructure. Modular 1 - 360 m3/hour. Over 70 000 modules installed.


  • Water reuse and recycling

  • RO and IX pre-treatment

  • Boiler feed water

  • Cooling tower feed water

  • Mining and process water


  • Drinking water

  • Ground water

  • Water reuse and recycling

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Boiler feed water

Aria Flex

Pall Water customised modular systems. FLEXIBLE DESIGNS

Aria™ FLEX systems are optimized to produce anywhere from 2 MGD  (8 MLD) to 50+ MGD (200+ MLD), making these systems ideal for mid- to  large-scale applications.  

ARIA  custom systems deliver: 

Custom designed to meet the most challenging water treatment needs

Modular approach allows for systems to be scaled to accommodate any capacity

Robust system design to ensure consistent operation 

Ease of Use:
Automated controls and intuitive interfaces simplify operation 

Proven performance

Built to deliver the reliability and robustness Pall Water is known for, you  can trust the FLEX system to treat all your surface water, groundwater, wastewater, and re-use water. Systems are engineered to eliminate contaminants and deliver pure water for drinking, industrial processes, discharge, and other vital uses. 

Customer Service

Pall Water’s  Aria™ CARE service team is here to support you around the clock. Our expert technicians will be with your system throughout its life cycle, beginning with installation and commissioning. Additional 24/7 phone support is also provided for ongoing assistance.

Annual Health Checks, comprehensive Service Contracts, and more support tools are available on request.